Petkovica monastery

Petkovic Monastery is located on the southwest part of Fruska Gora Mountain, between villages Divos and Sisatovac. The monastery church is dedicated to St. Petka. Monastery is approached by Sisatovac. Petkovic Monastery was declared as a Monument of Culture with Exceptional Importance by Republic of Serbia in 1990. According to tradition, the monastery was founded [...]

Velika Remeta monastery

Great Remeta Monastery is located in the eastern part of Fruska Gora, northwest of the village of the same name, and former United Prnjavor Remeta, in which the district is today. It is about 5-6 km from the Belgrade-Novi Sad, and is easily accessible to believers and other visitors. The monastery is dedicated to Saint [...]

Kuvezdin monastery

It’s located on the south-western slopes of Fruska Gora Mountain and has a church dedicated to St Sava. According to legend, it was founded in 1520 by last Serbian Despot Stefan Stiljanovic. Kuvezdinski monastery was partially reconstructed in 1973 to 1975, and during the works in 2004 the arch, the roof over the nave of [...]

Novo Hopovo monastery

Hopovo Monastery, with its Church of St. Nicholas presents the most important architectural building in the region. The first written mention of the monastery dates from 1451. The present church was built in 1575-1576 . Monastery fresco-painting is one of the most important art in the Balkan area. Monastery with a rich library and treasure [...]

Sisatovac monastery

Monastery with a church dedicated to the Birth of the Virgin is located on the west side of Fruska Gora Mountain. It was founded by Abbot Theophilus in 1520. Sisatovac, like other monasteries in the region, suffered destruction during the World War II. Systematic reconstruction of the complex began in 1970.

Rakovac monastery

Based on legends preserved, monastery was founded in the late XV ct by Raka Milosevic, Great Chamberlain of Despot Jovan Brankovic. According to him, the monastery is named. The monastery church was built in Rakovac in 1533. Numerous accounts indicate that the monastery was repeatedly destroyed, abandoned, and then rebuilt again and again. In the [...]

Privina glava monastery

Legend says: “Serbian Despot Vuk Brankovic gave no small amount of money for the construction of the church and monastery. Having builders fled with the money, the thieves were killed in the aforesaid place. According to this, a place was called Privina head, that is. beat on the head". Today it is thought that the [...]

Beocin Monastery

Beocin Monastery is one of the most visited monasteries on Fruska Gora Mountain. The monastery church owns the miraculous icon of the Mother of God and the relics of Bishop Barnabas Nastic, the youngest Serbian saints. The exact time of occurrence of fruskogorskog monastery has not been established, but is probably in the XVI century, [...]

Besenovo monastery

According to tradition, the monastery Besenovo is founded by Serbian King Dragutin at the end of the XIII century. It is dedicated to St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel. When the monastery Vitovnica near Pozarevac was ravaged by the Turks, his monks with the most valuable liturgical objects went to Besenovo.

Divsa monastery

Divsa Monastery is located on the southern slopes of the Fruska Gora Mountain. The monastery church is dedicated to St. Nicholas. According to legend, it’s built by despot Jovan Brankovic in the late XV century. The monastery was abandoned since the beginning of World War II until 1922. Just before World War II, it had [...]