Pavlovacko Lake

Pavlovac Lake is located near village Pavlovci, only 6 km away from the Ruma. The lake is artificial in origin and was created by damming "Kudoskog channels." The lake is 1,700 meters long, 700 meters wide and 6 meters deep, the surface of the lake is 62.5 hectares. It is rich in the following types [...]

Ledinacko Lake

Ledinacko Lake is located on the northern slope of Fruska Gora, not far from the Old Ledinci. It is part of the National Park "Fruska Gora." The lake was created during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, when the water pumps in mine Silver were damaged which caused pumping water from a quarry to [...]

Medjes Lake

Medjes Lake, also known as Satrinac Lake, is located in Srem, about two kilometers from the village Satrinci. The lake is rich in perch, grass carp, carp and white fish, and presents a well-known destination for sport fishing. The lake is large, surrounded by a beautiful green belt and is commonly used for summer swimming [...]

Maradik Lake

Maradik Lake is natural, untouched reservoar with numerous animal species. It’s ideal for day trips and escape from the bustle of the city. The lake expands to 65 hectares. This complex is fully enclosed and offers peace in natural surroundings to visitors. Due to its quiet and unspoiled nature, it’s a habitat to many birds, [...]

Borkovac Lake

Borkovac Lake is located near Ruma. This artificial reservoir is well stocked and rich with catfish, perch and carp. Borkovac offers a great fishing experience, excellent picnic facilities and comfortable accommodation with a high-quality water. Borkovac was built in 1970 and extends to 42 hectares. Summer water temperatures in the lake reaches 29 ˚ C.

Besenovac Lake

The original purpose of this region was cement mine. During 20 years of functioning, the miners had a big problem with strong source of drinking water, which they were forced to constantly pump out. Once all the ore was out, they simply allowed water to fill the mine so "the lake by accident appear