First Serbian library

The first Serbian Reading Room was open on January 14th 1842 in Irig. Its work was interrupted during the First and Second World War. After the restoration in 1952, the Reading Room has gradually expanded its profession and enriched with new contents. Currently, there is around 35,000 titles in its fund, including books, magazines, the [...]

Dumbovac waterfall

Located on Dumbovac stream that emerges from several sources under Brankovac and Beocin. Length of the stream is around 7 km while its decline is relatively small - only 110 meters to one kilometer. Nevertheless, Dumbovac waterfall is the most famous and, until recently, the only known at Fruska Gora. Dumbovac waterfall doesn’t dry up [...]

Rakovac cave

"White Mine" is a mining pit explored until 1937. Its granite – Kaolin stone, was commonly used for house building and tombstones, probably the construction of a nearby monastery Rakovac, as well. Hall is high 3-4 meters and wide entrance is couple of tens of meters high and deep. In many places, traces of stone [...]