The first mention of the settlement of Vrdnik dates from 1315. In the Middle Ages Vrdnik had a fortress and a town. In the Hungarian and pontifical documents it is mentioned under the name of Castrellum Rendek or Rendek. The town was surrounded by town walls. Eighteen-meter tall defence tower in form of a horseshoe is best preserved of the entire old medieval town. The Tower of Vrdnik belongs to structures of medieval military architecture and was an important strategic and defensive point. More recent research indicates the existence of Roman foundation of this important fortification. A lonely tower resisted both time and people and is the only remains of once powerful town of Vrdnik. There is a folk legend about it, and it was precisely this legend that inspired a doctor and a writer Jovan Subotic to write a ballad bearing the same name.

A tower still stands above Vrdnik,
near the white church of Ravanica,
                                                     in a beautiful fanciful Srem,
                                                     standing alone, toppled down in half.

                                                     Dr Jovan Subotić