Great Remeta Monastery is located in the eastern part of Fruska Gora, northwest of the village of the same name, and former United Prnjavor Remeta, in which the district is today. It is about 5-6 km from the Belgrade-Novi Sad, and is easily accessible to believers and other visitors. The monastery is dedicated to Saint Demetrius, and its structure is the church dedicated to this saint. Within the monastery there are two chapels – St. John the Baptist 18 century and the Assumption of 1970. According to tradition, the monastery was founded by King Dragutin when hunting fell off the horse and remained permanently lame and handed power to his brother Milutin. According to official United disturbed first mentioned 1562nd Today the monastery complex is very old and it is considered that its construction began in the 15th century. Great Remeta was burned in 1943. and restored in 1982.