Vrdnik Spa is picturesque settlement situated on the south slopes od Fruska Gora mountain. Vrdnik offers great possibilities for holiday, recreation and rehabilitation. It lies 250m above sea-level. The climate is moderate continental, mostly dry windless and over 2200 hours of sunshine annually. The unpollted air with high percentage of ozone makes Vrdnik an air spa also. The water from this spa has a constant temperatureof 32,8 C. Since it is hypothermal water has a wide range of possitive effects on the human body. All forms of rheumatic disese, postoperative and post-traumatic conditiones are succesfully treate in medical center. Vrdnik spa offers an outdoor olimpic-size swimming pool, indoor swimming pools and sauna. Vrdnik is home of the Vrdnik tower – a Roman-era fortress and the Ravanica monastery which belongs to the group of 35 monasteries built between XV-XVIII ct. From 35 monateries today is preserved and they are under UNESCO protection as cultural treasures.

Tower of Vrdnik

The first mention of the settlement of Vrdnik dates from 1315. In the Middle Ages Vrdnik had a fortress and a town. In the Hungarian and pontifical documents it is mentioned under the name of [...]